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A Letter to My Seniors

graduation (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Dear High School Seniors,

Welcome to adulthood!  That said, remember that turning 18 does not make you an adult, your behavior and life choices develop you into an adult.  Nor does graduating high school suddenly guarantee an advancement.  Graduation is not a sudden spring-board into an adult.  Getting a job, gaining responsibility, and taking ownership, those actions lead to being a grownup.

Let’s address a few things.  First, get a job.  Keep a job.  Whether you want to be a burger flipper or not, gain employment.  Besides money, a job will also support you in work experience, a referral for another job, and good ole fashion responsibility.  Get yourself up, walk/drive/run to work, smile and be personable, and most importantly suck it up, you are an “adult” after all.

Next, grow up.  Your parent(s) supported you for 17-19 long, turbulent years, pay them some respect.  If you are not moving out, help out around the house, chip in for groceries, and take on some responsibilities.  Have your own transportation, great!  But do not ask for gas money.  Need to borrow their car or rely on them to drive you around?  What a great chance to learn a lesson in today’s economic woes, pay for a tank of gas now and then.

Finally, make a plan for yourself.  A realistic set of goals to get you out and become someone to be proud of when you are 40.  Be who you want to be, go where you want to go, but bottom line, be a contributing society member. Take care of your own needs, do not rely on mommy and daddy or the rest of us.  Sure we will cheer you on and perhaps pick you up when you stumble, but the rest, is all you.

That diploma you are clenching is your ticket to life.  Go use it!  Make us proud!  Someday I want to read your name in the paper.  Not for a drug bust, B&E, or under the influence violation, but dean’s list, graduating college or tech school, or perhaps employee of the month.  Society is waiting for your contribution.


Your supportive cheerleader and welcome to reality, teacher.


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