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Bye Bye Baby

Baby no more. For a year now, our 2 1/2 year old has been fencing the whole independent thing. Now? He is in full do-it-himself mode. Most ventures I’m okay with, getting in and out his carseat, putting shoes on, climbing onto the counter for a cup, and even occasionally pouring his own milk.

What I’m struggling with is toilet crap. Literally. The kid changes from standing up at the big potty to using his little one each time he goes. I applaud his determination and ability to take care of business. The issue is, when using the little toilet, he insists on cleaning it up. So with pants down, poo still on his backside, he slushes down the hall to the toilet (little potty is in the living room). He dumps and rinses the seat, then pulls up underwear, without wiping. If I try to help, I get a “go away, I do it myself”. He will let me wash his hands when I enter to clean up the splashes and spills that inevitably occur.

The toilet seat tossed into the hall signals a reminder. He is a baby no more.


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Baby”

    1. Nick, great question! First, there is already a toilet in the bathroom. 🙂 Second, in our new house, it is a distance for the little boy to make it to the bathroom. He has been pull up free for quite awhile. Any help we can do to prevent accidents, we’ll do.

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