Top 5 Reasons I Love to Entertain


5.  The house gets cleaned.  Maybe not eat off the floor clean, but definitely, “how do you keep the house clean with 3 little kids” clean.  Despite the 1 hour mad cleaning dash we inevitably embark on, it is worth it.

4.  No trying to feed the masses restaurant style…aka the mad dash to visit with friends, feed the kiddos, and shovel food in.  At home, we can wine and dine all night long.

3.  Free food.  Invite people and they usually ask what to bring.  It looks like I am an awesome host inviting others over, but I only have to do about half the cooking.

2.  Follow up to number 3, free drinks.  Great guests arrive with a six-pack and bottle of wine.  Our cupboard stays stocked.  When the stock is low, it’s time for another party.

1.  Maintaining friendships in our busy lives.  Some weeks fly into months and we realize that we have not seen so and so.  Or you bump into that friend you have not seen since snow flew and say “hey come over this weekend so our families can catch up”.  And the entertaining is not just for the adults.  Our kids love to have people over.  It is great motivation for cleaning rooms (refer back to #1).   Hosting skills are still being learned, like how to share your toys, let guests get food first, and post party clean up.  My hope that when the kids are teenagers, they will still want to hang out at home.  My wonderful neighbor Mary seems to have a revolving door for teenagers.  That way I can keep track of my kids, their friends, and know that they are safe.  Without #2 of course!

What are you doing this weekend?  Want to come over?

That’s the secret of entertaining. You make your guests feel welcome and at home. If you do that honestly, the rest takes care of itself.  ~Barbara Hall~

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