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Break a Leg

Despite some laughs from friends, we enrolled our little guy in dance class. Our small town does not offer much for younger than 4 years old. When our oldest was little, we did kindermusik. We loved the child centered song and dance time. Since this is no longer offered and our community offers little programs for small children, dance was our only choice. Why can’t a boy experience and learn coordination, music appreciation, routine/dance, and self-confidence?

This year we enrolled him in a mommy and me dance class. For most of the year, he loved the movement, songs, and momma/papa time. We loved that the instructor provided a child centered, learning environment. She expected walking feet, following routines, and had rewards and consequences. All was going stellar, until this happened.


Someone was not thrilled with his costume. He was thinking Batman, not Solid Gold dancer.

A few weeks of “bad guy deflector shirt” hype and we solved the costume dilemma…just in time for the recital. The only selling point for participating in the recital was that it was on a big stage at momma and papa’s school. Do not know why that worked, but we ran with it!

Although he missed some steps, forgot a few moves, he loved the big stage experience and momma enjoyed seeing him strut his stuff.





Encouraging Boys to Dance

Benefits of Dance for Kids


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