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THE Sandwich

Picture the perfect sandwich. Today THE sandwich walked up to my doorstep via an oldie but goodie friend. My childhood favorite sandwich perfectly nestled in wax paper. It is not so much the sandwich but the tradition. Over the years, my friend Megan and I would swap lunches. Me wanting the homemade bread stacked with tasty tuna carefully caressed in wax paper and her wanting a plain Jane, white bread and whatever was the flavor of the day. Those were the best lunch days! Today, after a long morning selling our goods at a garage sale in 80 degree heat, the sandwich surprise hit every delectable tastebud. Transporting me back 20 or so years to a speckled tiled hallway, I nibbled at the homemade concoction, not wanting it to end. Yes the sandwich or rather the memory is that good. I saved a morsel for photographic purposes, but apparently the hubs could not resist the tuna’s lure.

What’s your childhood sandwich?


2 thoughts on “THE Sandwich”

  1. Looks like the lettuce was greener on the other side of the bread.
    I don’t think I could pick a favorite sandwich but maybe could pick the right sandwich for a situation/memory much like you.

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