Bucking the Trend


I picture my Grandma, who would be 122, tirelessly leaning over a washboard scrubbing Grandpa’s work shirts clean. Next she would head into the stuffy kitchen and prepare the non-processed, no slow cooker, family meal. Meanwhile, raise three kids and sew clothes. All after working part of the day in the local school kitchen. Wow, how did she juggle it all?

Boy am I relieved that trend was downsized decades ago. My husband and I share most household duties. I cook, he cleans. He launders clothing, I fold and put away. Kid raising is a delicate blend of our personalities and quirks. Can just one manage our home? Sure, but life is a little sweeter when mama gets to put her feet up now and then. Our children see a partnership of shared experiences and supporting each other. Will it pass on to another generation? I hope so.

Working outside the home gives me a sense of purpose beyond mama duties. Thank you Grandma and all others who laid the foundation for women’s rights. Whew, our lives are a little easier and family time, definitely more enjoyable. Excuse me while I go mow the lawn and use some power tools.

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