Joe’s Bar & Grill, South Haven

Joe’s Bar & Grill, South Haven

On a recent Friday, my husband and I ventured out without the kids for a date lunch. Sunny and breezy out, we drove to South Haven for some beach walking and a quick lunch. We ended up at Joe’s Bar and Grill. Joe’s knows Perch. Lightly coated, with a flaky interior, the only downside was that I had to share the perch with my husband. I can’t say much else for the menu except for maybe the beer, which was cool and refreshing. For a Friday lunch, the place was busy. In addition to inside seating, it has patio and roof top dining. We enjoyed dining on the patio. Next time, we are heading up for a sky view. Stop by for a great tasting perch basket! If you are from Allegan, ask for Charlie. He is an Allegan guy and boy does he know everyone and everything Allegan!

Sorry for only two photos, I was enjoying myself too much and forgot to take photos. My blogger friend Ellen has a knack for taking great food photos, I need to take lessons!



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  1. Been there but only once. My friend, Kevin McDaniel, was playing that night. I also remember talking to Charlie.
    Glad to know the perch is good. Peter loves it but is wary about ordering unless he knows, for sure, it’s going to be good. Now that we have the “Z” stamp of approval, we’ll check them out.

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