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My home away from home, my magical place. Where? Pentwater. The vacation each year where I look forward to for its simplicity. The place where I can always count on to find a little piece of myself. It’s as much learning and sharing as finding myself over the years. The dunes hold a lot of memories. I am happy to share and bring my family here. They now are beginning their own memories. Before kids, I traveled with my niece and that time was our time. Together we explored dunes, watched sunsets fade into night, got our tan on, and shopped Pentwater. We were/are really good at that. Pentwater has many wonderful shops and restaurants. Next year my buddy will be 12 hours away, so it’s time my daughter learns to love Pentwater shopping too. Our young family marks summer break by the arrival of this trip. Almost 30 summers for me and still going strong. Small town lovin’!

Cenzo’s – Speciality meat, cheese, wine, and produce. Perfect for a fellow foodie!




Pentwater Pizza & Grinders – Good, fast , inexpensive


Brown Bear – Good bar burgers, expect a wait.


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