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From 3 to 1

Recently a friend and I were talking about the joys and trials of having 3. I’m sure the same would apply for more than three. How taking 3 out for groceries, lunch, or simple errands can be a monumental task. But then, the day you go out with one, its like a giant red EASY button! No one to argue with about who sits next to mama, who gets to ride on the front of the cart, who gets to push the buttons (they all push my buttons), the list goes on. Just one little one to captivate our attention. Ah. I enjoy my time with each one, but in the end watching the bond between the three is the where my heart is.

My buddy this week. Tired from our little adventures.


3 thoughts on “From 3 to 1”

  1. We have 5 and normally split the errands between kids. It’s almost like a points system. Whoever is good gets to go. It also makes each one feel special, but amounts to a lot of errands so they can ALL feel special. I started a book on this topic. It’s called “A Hop, Skip, & a Jump Through Hoops.” It literally takes us no less than an hour to get out of the house if we’re going somewhere, and that’s if we’re moving fast!

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