hearing impairment, parenting, second language

Water, my cyptonite

While at Latvian Center Garezers this week, the little ones and I spent a boat load of time at the beach. Floating, swimming, and sand castle building to beat the heat. New friends were made sharing in the coolness and relief, all while soaking.
Here’s the thing, I cannot hear diddly swat when in and around water. Why? Because like oil and water, my hearing aids are not water friendly. Within 5 feet of H2O, my aids are tucked in a waterproof bag. That would be an expensive no-no. But…there I was a vacation single parent in a English-come-lightly world. Do I sink or swim? Sink my but on shore to watch the kids? Or remove the aids, struggle to hear these new voices, dialects, and be confused? Perhaps another option, wade and float around, secretly hoping for no splashers, and connect? Yep, I wore my aids while in water. Stressing about it each day probably caused a minor anxiety attack, but I had to do it.
My husband would say to advocate for myself and that is a lovely option in most environments, aka when I have my aids in. However, no aids + water lapping and splashing + new voices + bright sun shining on new faces (difficult to lip read) = exhaustion.
What’s a girl to do? Someday when I win the lottery, that I don’t play, I’ll get a pair of waterproof aids for just this reason.



1 thought on “Water, my cyptonite”

  1. So many decisions to be made on a daily basis for a busy mom of 3 – multiplied by a million for a mom with a hearing impairment. It affects every move you make.

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