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North Star Bakery

When traveling the winding 123 North to Paradise, Michigan, you will pass a small family owned bakery, North Star Bakery. You MUST stop! All the bread is made from an 15 year old starter and baked in a brick oven. Did I mention it is in the middle of nowhere?! Only open in the summer months, the owners bake up quite a delicious variety of breads and flat breads with local ingredients. M gave the blueberry bread 1000 thumbs up. Accompanying our chili, we devoured a loaf of blue cheese bread. Smell-o-computers would leave you drooling. Please stop by next time you head to Paradise, Tahquamenon, or Whitefish Point. You can thank me later. Nine years ago, we stopped by here and enjoyed a mouthwatering onion tomato flat bread. So thankful that this little bakery is still around!







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