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What our teachers should know

My husband and I both live and breathe in the education system. We know the importance of creating a positive parent to school relationship, reading each night, and fostering learning at home.

But this summer, we took a step back. Our oldest was getting frustrated. Frustrated with the demands of trying to do summer homework and work on his handwriting. We decided to take the summer off. I know others will shake heads, but for our family it was the right choice. Instead this summer it was family time. The fort in the backyard was a family effort the backyard, complete with two stories and a canopy roof, was a family project. Utilizing his Audubon books, we tried identifying trees and insects. We traveled the back roads of Michigan for day trips and picnics. A road trip to the Upper Peninsula to explore shipwrecks, study Lake Superior history, and rediscover our love for the great outdoors. For our yearly trip to Pentwater, we traveled with cousins and grandparents for a week of beaches, horseback riding, and dairy farm exploration. A week immersed in the Garezers Latvian world strengthened our trios language, folk dancing, singing skills, along with creating international friendships. The oldest two quickly learned how to bait their own hook, which came in handy when reeling in fish after fish. In between each adventure and outing, we filled our days together with bike riding, swimming, Lego building, cooking, night time reading, and family bonding. We did manage to sprinkle in a family journal time here and there, but this summer, it was our time.

So teachers, our children each experienced an adventurous summer. They will have wonderful stories, a few artifacts to share, and most importantly, a rekindled love for learning. See their learning was about life, family, and creating fun.


















1 thought on “What our teachers should know”

  1. That type of adventure and bonding time doesn’t take a lot of money either. It doesn’t have to involve plane trips and fancy gizmos – just time spent together and some imagination.
    I hope you all have many more wonderful summers together.

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