Support Local Schools

Support Local Schools

Monies are being cut. Plain and simple. Schools are educating 21st century learners despite federal and state slashed budgets. What can you do? Support your local district. Vote. Visit. Ask the staff questions. If you want to see a change, lend a hand, a voice, a presence.
Our local district is fortunate enough to have supportive partners and community members. This year they are putting on the second C.O.D.E. Orange community event. C.O.D.E. Orange stands for Community On Deck for Education. C.O.D.E. Orange. Find out additional information on the website. One highlight is the district wide YouTube video!
If you are in Allegan or from Allegan, come out and support our schools, this Friday, October 4. Purchase a C.O.D.E. Orange shirt at local Allegan shops for $10. Wear the shirt to Fridays event and get in free!


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