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Party Planning Flop

My husband and I planned a gathering of friends with kid tagalongs as a high school pregame chill time. Email sent a week before, house cleaned, food purchased, and kids prepped for hosting. The day of our party, a few declines, but we were holding strong. And then, the bottom fell out. A decline of my daughter’s BFF left her in tears, later my son’s friends passed and he went into bummer mode, and we, the parents, sat stunned. Now what? No guests, food and drinks on hand…a lesson learned. Add a RSVP for a day or two before the event so “it’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to” does not become the theme song.



4 thoughts on “Party Planning Flop”

  1. That totally stinks! It is hard to explain to children why people cannot commit, why they don’t want to come to “your” party & do something else instead. If I were a kid I would cry too & we as parents cry because they are crying. But show your kids to bounce back & make it the best day ever!! When you put them to bed tonight, hopefully they will say, “we had a blast” 🙂

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