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City Vu in Holland

A much needed date night. A beautiful Fall drive. Some adult conversation and beverages. All the makings for a wonderful time.

A top the modern City Flats Hotel in Holland is the City Vu Bistro. And a lovely view it is! Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by the food choices and missed the outdoor photo op.

Many reviews comment on the amazing flatbreads. The flatbreads smelled and looked delish, but wanting to not fill up on bread, we opted for four small plates. Two items, the Duck Prosciutto and Mussels, were monthly specials. Being prosciutto crazy, we devoured the duck and all accompaniments; figs, Greek olives, feta, roasted peppers, Granny Smith apple slices, and everything crackers. The crackers were a definite miss step, but each other element allowed for varying flavor bites.

Yummy mussels garbanzo beans, check!

Seared tuna and flaw, delightful!

Barbecue braised short ribs with cabbage and carrots, yes please!

When return, we will sample the flat breads too.

Another date night down for these foodies. I cannot wait for next months night out! Where will our palettes take us?


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