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I’m back!

After several months away, I am finding my way back. Slowly. Ideas for posts keep popping in my head nagging me to get a jump start. Evernote is tracking great post beginnings or topics. The time is now.

Let me explain my short literary departure. One word: school. You thought I would say life didn’t you. At the end of last school year, I set a professional goal, something I have never done. Ever. My goal is simple. Yet in its simplicity explains how my month break became several. I vowed to step up my A game. Sure I am usually out in the hall between classes, now I’m fully present. Good morning, cool shirt, nice lip ring (not really), good luck in tonight’s game, etc. I do not know these kids, but that’s not the point. My A game also means volunteering for a PLC (Professional Learning Committee). Read an educational book, engage with fellow PLC nerds, and feel good about it. In the classroom, I’m trying to get to know each student beyond basic demographics. It’s working. I find that students are opening up. A simple, how did dad’s job interview go recently brought a student to tears. Of joy. Being more inviting to staff and students is a difficult part of my A game. I now have Thursday lunch games. They are tracking wins because I have a target on my back. Some girls come to talk. Sometimes to me, other times to each other. No matter what, I want them to know my door is open. Most of my non-family time is spent reading about adolescents, common core, special education and technology. Twitter and Zite are preferred over Facebook. In the last few months I’ve read more educational articles than my undergrad and grad classes combined. I’m okay with that. Hopefully some of the information is making a difference for me or those whom I share it with. Positive, supportive, informative are the three words I strive to remember each day. When students leave my doors, they should have a positive experience, know I’ll support them (I got you back!), and fill them with information about life, the world, and what’s beyond the school doors.

I’ve stumbled a few times. But I feel good about the year. This week is our 1/2 way point and let me say it’s flown by!

My A game may flounder but remember those big girl panties? I’ll hike them up and keep going. A pat on the back, a thank you, perhaps a smile is all the fuel I need.

Stay tuned…this foodie, twitter nut, mama of three has some things to say.

20140114-213647.jpg Now back to tonight’s reading.


5 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. Great post; glad you’re back. I greatly admire & from all I read & hear about you, I think you’re an awesome teacher, a wonderful wife & a super mom. You had great role models. Keep up your good work!

  2. How happy I was to open my email & discover you were back. I believe you are one of the most caring & dedicated people I know & have really missed you. You have wonderful insight & a delightful way of writing. The students are so fortunate to have such a caring person. As my sister said, you had a great role model. Keep it up. Chic

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