family, parenting

Rambling Notes to Self

1. Sending the kids outside to play so I can mop is counterproductive.

2. Raking on a windy day is like, well, see number one.

3. There are two kinds of clean; surface, guests are coming over tonight or deep, as in OCD relative will be arriving in 2 weeks, start now!

4. Vacuuming, in a house with a dog and 3 kids, is a full time job.

5. Your hair, make up and clothes only look perfect for the few minutes before the kids hug, slobber, breathe on you. After that, you look decent at best.

6. Telling my kids, “Clean your room” really means shuffle or shove things around until mom sweeps in to do it her way.

7. Meal planning while “time of the month” means I don’t want it, it’s not what I was craving, let’s go out.

8. As each year passes, I seem to be writing an increased number of notes. On the fridge, by the counter, plastered on mirrors, everywhere. Sometimes at night I empty my pockets only to discover notes reminding me to read notes. Must be my age.


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