No business, like snow business

No business, like snow business

We are buried. Stuffed. Compacted up the wahoo with white stuff. So much so that is attempting to break in through windows. Slowing seeping down from the third story into window after window after window. I have had enough. Almost daily for 3 weeks my husband has raked, shoveled, and thrown the stuff. To no avail. And now, more is on the way.

And it’s not just our home, it is also breaking into our work…school. 9 days already. Each one needed. Now our winter will run summer into fall.

Snow business is crazy! Roof rake, shovels, 3rd story roof inspection, special driveway salt safe for the dog, snow plowing, roof ice melts…in addition to the heating bill! My anxiety level is through said 3rd story roof!

I like snow. Beautiful, fresh, fun. But this winter? I’m ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. Siri just informed me that there are 44 days until Spring. Let’s just say Siri and I are now on a break. He’s muted.

Tonight I’m praying to Boreas the God of the North cold and Winter, God, Mother Earth, Jesus, Old Man Winter, Saint Sebald, Zeus, any and all weather influencing beings…”Stop the insanity! Enough all ready! If snow business is your business, back off a little! Yeah I’m talking to you!”






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