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Daily Dose

Life is speeding by. Leaving little time for my beloved blogging. So I decided to shorten things up. Quick daily, or as life allows, doses of life.

Daily dose #1
Let’s call this one “Of course”
After five days with a fever, it was time to take E to the doctor. The night before the appointment, of course R wakes up screaming with a fever. Now I am home with two sick ones. Taking two in is never fun, but off to the doctor in a downpour. So of course when we arrive E’s fever has left the building and R’s is now in full rage. And of course it’s just a virus that needs to run its course. Of course there are throat ulcers, that look and sound bad, but of course you should head home and rest. Of course when we arrive home, E’s fever spikes back up. Of course it does.


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