Robo call mania

Robo calls. I hate them. The calls never seem to chime in when I’m home alone with little to do and hoping that someone, anyone will call so I can say I talked to a human for a bit. No the call waits. And waits until a kid is doing homework, another is in the bath, and the third is screaming. And I’m home alone.
As a mother of three young children, the hours between 6 and 8 PM are hectic and scared. Bath time, snacks, and then the whole bedtime snugly reading routine. Then between 7:30 and 8:00, I don’t make a peep, so the kids don’t think they heard a noise and have to come tell me what they think they heard.
Every few days, a robo call interrupts and I’m dashing through the halls, down the stairs in order to answer the phone before a small voice wakes to tell me, “hey mom, the phone is ringing”. Ugh.


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