The I AM in Blogging

All around twitterville, blog-o-sphere, and educational readings, having a teacher blog is talked about.  “Share your story” was a theme at my latest Transitions Council meeting.  So I ask, is not this blog my story??  

Education is not just who I am.  I am a mother raising three, amazing kids in a bi-lingual home and always looking for more family time in our daily hustles and bustles.  I am a wife juggling family responsibilities and date nights.  I am a friend trying to carve out hang out time and finding my place in the mommy circles.  I am an individual looking for me time and finding ways to express who I am.  Yes, I am a teacher who hangs out on twitter, reads educational texts for fun, supports a growing club, responds to emails at all hours, and I haven’t even mentioned my daily teacher duties (lessons, grading, planning, reading, you get the picture).  I am ME.  My blog will be about my interests and passions, maybe parenting.  Perhaps some recipes.  Maybe a review.  And even a little educational tidbit.

Smalltownjules is me.  I am small town jules.  So if they say blog, I shall!  But I’ll do it my way.


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