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Balancing Act

When I started this blogging adventure, my evenings were dotted with recipe searches and pinning crafts. Sprinkled in, I might share a family story, restaurant review, or vacation meanderings.

Then life twisted, turned, and the kiddos grew a bit. Instead of Pinterest, I’m scouring twitter, blogs, vlogs, or Zite trying to catch up on the latest educational “it” thing. My cooking soirees reduced down to a light dinner, maybe even a bag of chips. The only thing I’m pinning these days is kids clothes because I still have not gotten my sewing machine repaired. My evenings looking for a new recipe or restaurant to visit have morphed into tweeting parenting and educational tidbits, updating one of three facebook accounts, and working through parenting dilemmas of homework, practices, and finding a zen routine (still looking).

Parenting in the educational arena is tough. Each night I add to my Evernote notebook articles to help support learning at home, strategies to use in the classroom, and apps to share with students and my own children. A teacher’s job is never completed at 3:03, instead it is just beginning. My PLN (Personal Learning Network) extends beyond walls, states, and countries. It is a vast web of people, ideologies, and learning. I often get so caught up in what I’m learning that I forget other nightly duties…lunches for the next day, laundry, packing tomorrow’s bags, and so on. How can I manage it all?

I cannot. I am balancing what I can and have left some things to fall. Foodie trends still peak my interest, but education is what pays my bills. At the beginning of this school year, I committed myself to getting outside my small box to learn, share, and extend myself more. As a parent, I told myself to put away the phone, snuggle more, and worry less about creating recipe masterpieces requiring long preps. In friends, I am trying to balance life with people who build me up and not tear me down, share laughs over life’s triumphs, and are on our parental wave. My husband and I are trying to snuggle more, praise more, and yell less. It’s all a balance.

Something usually has to give. I am not sure how to balance all that I want and need. Parenting, education, relationships, and everything in between, can I fit one more piece? When will life imitate Topple?

20140331-211442.jpgI am so glad that I didn’t miss this.


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