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Pinch me please

“Could someone pinch me please?”, from Annie.
This motherhood thing is a pretty sweet gig. Cuddles, hugs, giggles, and endless fun…what’s not to love?! Often I find myself gazing at our little trio and wondering how we got the sweet life. How is it that R has an infectious smile and flirtatious manner? Where did Miss E get her multitude of laughs and quirky little attitude? And Big Bro M, he is so sensitive and sweet, how are we so lucky?

Life is moving faster than ice cream on a hot summer day. Practices, homework, reading, play. So much fills our days. One of my favorite moments is our family dinner time. We will eat early just so we can all share the table. The stories. The smiles. The highs and lows shared. Makes any bad day melt away. Cures any pained memory. Softens a hard face. Reminds me of why I longed to be a mama. Mostly though, fills my cup until it runneth over.

Tonight as we enjoyed our family story time, my heart ached. Many of my students or our children’s classmates do not get these cherished family moments. I have a mission. Is it possible? How can I create the time? Nourish the minds? Can I have a family like unit in my classroom? Will our children reach out and move beyond their friendship circles? If only…

Meanwhile, back at home, this parenthood trip is a pretty awesome adventure. I hope that the laughter does not stop, the smiles keep spreading, and the hugs never cease. Pinch me, please, I don’t want this to end.



2 thoughts on “Pinch me please”

  1. I agree you should be all smiles….I watched your little ones yesterday at church and they made me smile too! I loved the way they lit up when they saw grandma and grandpa.

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