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Walk this Way

The other day as I walked downtown, I followed a tri generational walk.  The three had a long stride with slightly turned in right feet.  As my kids let go to walk ahead, I watched their walk.  Who will get my walk, which one will get the hubs?

I have my mom’s family walk, more like a waddle.  No denial, it’s too late.  It’s unchangeable.  Okay, so its less a waddle and more a side to side sway. It’s definitely a family thing, several cousins inherited “the walk” too. That’s just how we roll. (Insert lame eye roll.)

Watching our kids grow and change, it’s fun to observe the little “me-ness” in each of them. When each was born, my initial worry was that each would not experience my hearing challenges. Each passed. A waddle walk I could handle, deafness…I was not prepared. Turns out I am amazed at our children’s strength. When M, our oldest, had to get glasses at age 7, he said okay. And followed it with walking over and getting the first pair he fell in love with. No questions, arguments, or tears. Strength.

What else am I passing on? Hopefully the good and not the ugly. Mister M is sensitive and worries, just like me. I’d change it, but after 40 years, I’m an expert. Plus I’d stress and worry about making the change. Middle E wants to fit in and be friends with everyone. Yep, been there, done that. Then our youngest. At almost 4, he’s determined, sweet, and full of sass. Pretty sure I’m determined and I definitely have a bit of sass. Sweet? Sometimes.

Will one get “the walk”? Or perhaps my husbands uncanny ability to talk to anyone? Hmm, deep thoughts.

What will you pass on?

Other Traits



Yep, these hooligans have a little sass, just like mama.


2 thoughts on “Walk this Way”

  1. That “passing on” thing continues through life. I was riding in the back seat of my younger sister’s car last night with my older sister. I never thought she (my older sister) looked like anyone else in our family but she said something that caught my attention and when I looked at her profile, I saw my mom.

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