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Education – A career? A passion.

Are you passionate about your career?  Do you get up in the morning and approach your job with a smile and positive spirit?  What drives you to continue on your career path?

For the past seventeen years, education has filled my mind, claimed my reading, and taunted my dreams. Most days, I love my job.   Sure it is not full of glitz and glamour.  It is, however, full of laughter, learning, and many cherish-able moments.  Some days I wish to take a student or two with me for a home cooked meal, a family spirit, and a supportive, nurturing environment.  There are also events where I struggle to hold my composure while dealing with a tough student, an angry situation, or a disruptive, “I don’t want to be here” kid.  Even through these days, upon entering the next morning, I am refreshed, ready to tackle the new day.

I am a special education resource room teacher.  My days are spent teaching, remediating, counseling, paper filling, reading, and supporting students.  Special education is tiring and rewarding.  Monday after a very challenging situation, I arrived home bitter and upset with the system.  I play by the rules or at least try to.  Respect is a basic rule.  It is a two way street.  I value all of my students and want them to know that my classroom is a safe learning place.  Sometimes I will fail, but I will not give up. This does not mean that we will always agree or get along, it just means that by respecting and being honest with me, we can better help each other.  As a colleague, I would expect the same.

With so much in education riding on test scores, graduation rates, and accountability, I want what is best for our school and community.  My family is deeply rooted into the local community and schools.  The changes happening at my school will impact my children’s education and vise versa.  So where am I going?

Careers.  Long ago education, especially special education, went from being just my career choice to being a passion.  Each day, I crave education.  Reading, discovering, gathering ideas, and discussing educational trends takes up much of my “free” moments. Talking about kids, situations, and strategies interests me. I want to be respected and part of a team that creates positive learning for all. Lately, the day to day bureaucracy trips me up causing my passion to stumble. Upon reflection, I want it all. The respect, the team, the learning.

Education is our family. The dinner table is full of school stories, not just from the kids, but my husband and I. Each day is a passion, an adventure. I don’t just want to play the part, but live the dream.



2 thoughts on “Education – A career? A passion.”

  1. From all I have seen my friend you do it all & very nicely. You are tops in my book. Your students are so lucky to have them & I know you feel the same way about them. Keep on & never give up. Sometimes, that special teacher is all they have going for them & sometimes that is enough. Chic

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