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Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day our baby M was on day 50 of his NICU stay. There I was a new mama, but each night I left the hospital and came home to an empty crib. Mother’s Day turned out to be a major turning point. It was M’s first day outside an isolate and most of his wires removed.

Here is what I found when I arrived for my first Mother’s Day.

I learned a lot the those long two months. A lot about being a wife, mother, parent, and friend. Mostly about a mother’s role. Flash back 32 years. I was born a healthy and welcome addition to a family of three older brothers. Shortly after, I contracted Meningitis. As a tiny infant I spent a month in the hospital. My mom had three boys at home, my father was working, but my mom managed to be with me each day. She nurtured me back to health.

Thirty-two years later, it was my turn. Time to sacrifice. Time to love unconditionally. Time to worry and stress. Time to pray. Time to love. And time to put a tiny being first. I did it. For more than 12 hours a day, all 57 days. Not a day was missed. When we could not get all our snuggle time in, my parents stepped in to read, sing, and love on the little guy. My mom showed me the way.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for loving our family unconditionally and being by our side every step! You were my rock when I was hurt and showed me how to be the same. Thank you.



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