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Courtesy of a reply

What is an acceptable amount of time to reply to an email, text, or a voicemail? Is it 24 hours? 48 hours? A week? Is there a standard?

A courtesy reply should happen, no matter how busy or trivial you deem the message. A simple “got it”, “yes”, or “I’ll get back to you” is all it takes to acknowledge the sender’s message.

Some companies have policies about this. I’m not perfect, but I try to send back a note, even a simple thank you. What gets me are the people who never or rarely respond. At work, it’s unprofessional. For personal correspondence, it is just rude. Has all the technology exchange caused us to neglect common courtesy?

How long?


4 thoughts on “Courtesy of a reply”

  1. This doesn’t happen often to me but enough times that I, also, find it annoying.
    I always leave an email in my inbox until I respond to it. I need visual reminders.

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