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Letter to my seniors

Dear Class of 2014,

You were the Freshmen class like no other. You fought, cursed, refused, argued, and clawed your way to graduation. Never before a group to enter my doors and from day #1, leave a mark, everywhere. Most carpet stains and messes. Most colorful words and gestures. Most fights, attempted fights, and verbal accusations. Most argumentative of factual and irrelevant crap. Most notes from substitutes with something like “worst class ever”. Most likely to ask, “how much do I have to do for a passing grade”? Pregnancies, homelessness, heartaches, breakups, meltdowns, bullies, dropouts, and more – you endured it all. Biggest class whittled down to the smallest.

Yet, through four long turbulent years, you taught me the most and left the biggest mark on my career.

Standing between a few of you as you spewed hatred. Holding strong as one decided to take to social media to “mouth off” against me. The cat fights, oh the drama. Did my “drama free zone” sign mean anything? The girl issues, no you cannot clip your nails and paint them in class, ever!

Where are we now? A week from graduation. A few on the honor roll. Some ready for the work force. Others signed up for post secondary training. College bound for a few. And me, one proud teacher. Whew, you made it. Despite the chaotic beginning, the hurdles, the trouble, you’re here. You did it your way and I expected no less. So go forth Class of 2014 and continue to fight your way through life. Mrs. Z is proud that she you made it.


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