Oh Fiddlesticks


Excuse me a moment while I vent.

The end of year should be about the journey. Look at the progress you’ve made. You were at point A in the beginning and now you are at D. You couldn’t do X in the Fall and now you can. But often teachers are left doing the dance. The “I have some time off so cut a jig” booty dance. It’s not that we do not love your precious children. This jig is more about the big picture.

Education reform. Retirement. Class sizes. Evaluation process. State mandated testing. To name a few. The home stretch is a dash to meet so many standards, benchmarks, and goals. Never mind that Joe had less suspensions than last year, Susie graduated after so many personal strikes against her, or Bob finally passed Algebra. No, more often we ramp up at the end of the year for a big finish and get increasingly bogged down by education politics.

By the end of the school year, many educators tire of talking such education b.s. Instead, they want to discover their own path. Attend a conference, take a class, follow a twitter chat, or gather to share ideas.

This summer I’m enjoying the mental day to day break from teaching, not from Education. My Ed bucket list is deep. I’m a teacher and a learner. Move aside Ed politics, summers are not just a teacher’s free time playground, more like a learning station break.

Don’t tell me that it must be nice to have summers off. Let’s sit and talk about my educational learning and discovery that’s so called “summers off”.

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