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Mackinac Island -Guest Post from a 5 yr old

The following guest post was written by our 5 year old Miss E. We worked together on corrections and pictures. She is so proud of her first “published” piece.

20140703-155813-57493142.jpgThis is my family. My family went to Mackinac Island. It was fun.


20140703-155959-57599744.jpg. We found sea glass. My family went to a hotel.


20140703-160105-57665450.jpg. We had a good time together.





20140703-160218-57738549.jpg. We had a good time at the hotel. I love my family.






5 thoughts on “Mackinac Island -Guest Post from a 5 yr old”

  1. Great job, girl! Cadel love the picture of you with your finger holding up the bridge. I like the picture of you in your bike helmet looking out over the water. You did a wonderful job of showing how fun your vacation was! (Guest post by E? What a great idea, Julie!)

  2. Ellie- I didn’t get around to writing a comment till now. I hope that me telling you in person was as uplifting as a post on the page. Just wanted to add that you should continue to express yourself through pictures and words because we all love having you share yourself with us.

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