The Art of a Selfie


I still do not get the selfie movement.  It could be because I am knocking at 40 and remember drawing selfies on napkins, notes, or homework.  The hardest part of my pictorial selfie was trying to get the nose to look right. Selfies are taking over every open space and platforms.

Each day as students navigate the hallway, some try to take selfies with corny posts such as “on my way to 2nd”, “glad Bio is done”, “look at my new shirt”, or just a plan “ugh, I hate school”.  Do things really change from one class to the next?  Same clothes and hair, but a picture every class period?  I do not get it.

I often utilize my iphone for teaching apps,  so during the school day it is on my desk.  Imagine my surprise one night when  I find a half dozen student selfies in my photo roll!  Every few days a new set of random shots of students posing with goofy duck faces or deuces (For the older generation, this is side ways peace sign saying hi or what’s up.).  I started using these snapshots as journal topics, story starters, or general what not to do with a teacher’s phone statements.

There are a lot of really poor selfies floating around.  To get a good shot, photography skill is involved.  I might take a handful of shots before settling on one.  Since I’m still not embracing this movement, I often refuse to look at the camera or maybe pull a Mr. Wilson and only show part of my face.  I’m working on it, but not quite there.

Other times, my phone is filled with my daughter’s selfies.  She is a budding photographer and likes to play with angle, lighting, and of course, selfie faces.

In Behind the Lens, I vowed to be more present in the family’s photographic journey.  I am also trying to embrace the beauty within and document more of myself. 7 8 6 5 4 1 2 3

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  1. I’m with you on this. I don’t even like the word “selfie”. Weird! I’d rather take pics of my kids, pets, or places. That’s far more interesting, IMHO. ☺

  2. I hate taking my own selfie. I think the camera on the front has bad coloring. But, I like all your selfies. Maybe we are still just too critical of ourselves. On another note, it was amazing to go through pictures of my mom after she died. It’s pretty important that we get in them.

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