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Blog Time

With kids now at a more independent age, I assumed that the summer would entail additional blogging time. Silly me.

Older children means we are on the go more often. Play dates, sports lessons, and sport events. Let alone just the ability to just drop everything and go, which we have done a lot this year. It is amazing how fast everyone can get dressed and out of the house when a picnic and fun are on the by-the-seat-of-my-pants days events.

Throw into the mix a new puppy and a newly created school #chataps, minutes to hours later…

Today we spent the gorgeous sunny day folding laundry from a week long trip just to repack it to leave less than 30 hours later for another destination. I caught a few minutes of peace when E, the new puppy, and I flopped into the tree hammock for an afternoon siesta. Oops! There went valuable blog time!

Maybe tomorrow? No, we are leaving for a short get-away. Monday? No the #chataps questions need to be rewritten and moderated. Tuesday? Yes, maybe Tuesday.

Until then, stay patient, this parenting gig is busy. Don’t worry though my topic list is long. Then again so is my summer bucket list. sigh…


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