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That Special Place

Do you have a special place? One that recalls fond memories, calms fears or hurts, and warms the heart. A place that is so a part of you that you know each bump, crack, or subtle changes each visit. Some location to long to share with your children.

Many have a camp experience that stays a part of life for years to come. Perhaps it was the people. Or maybe the surroundings. Maybe even neither of those, but more the feelings felt while there.

I have that place. Pentwater. More specifically, United Methodist Church Camp or Lake Michigan Camp as it’s now called. Over 33 years of attending this hidden gem on the shores of the Great Lake. Surrounded by pines and tucked between sandy dunes lies a camp that has been a part of our family’s hearts for years.

When M was 3 months old and still sporting preemie clothes, we rented a pop up for his first camping expedition.IMG_6156.JPG
We missed Pentwater the year one month old R was hospitalized with Pneumonia. Our kids play with cousins or kids they see just this one time of year. Dune rides by Mac Woods, go carts at Craig’s Cruisers, Little Sable Lighthouse, horseback riding at Rainbow Ranch, and the great blue water expanse and beach are regular stops.




This year, we almost didn’t go. For me, the familiar, safe haven has lost its magical charm. The calm and peace are gone. The warmth and love for the hills has faded. I repeatedly told myself I could go a year without. A break of sorts. Then I found this.

A sand footprint craft from 1989. Still with me. Memories flooded in. Emotions engulfed me. Pentwater was still in my heart. I wanted my children to have that same peaceful place. Memories to build upon. If perhaps less for me and more for them to make. I counted my summers by the annual voyage north and now my children do too.



1 thought on “That Special Place”

  1. Great memories. Although we never went that often we still have fond memories. I truly wish we had been aware of this when kids were little. I am not sure how we missed it. Thanks for sharing some of your memories & pictures.


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