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If you do not know what B2S is, either you are not a teacher or not in the advertisement field. Clues: start seeing ads in early July, Meijers and Walmart crowd entrances with bus looking cardboard displays, your teacher friends begin to lament the end of summer, children begin to count days left, the Today Show has a B2S trendy fashion show, facebook friends in education begin posting statuses of cramming “end of summer” mini vacations and outings, get the picture yet?

Yes, back to school time is here. But back is not the correct term for my teacher friends. “Back” only refers to the location, because they have been schooling all summer. Workshops, conferences, continuing Ed classes, revamping lessons, PLCs, educational readings, or learning new classroom technology.

Since the hubs and I are both educators, a fair chunk of our friends are also in the Ed field. Most conversations turn from summer vacation replays to upcoming school news and are laced with educational jargon. IEPs, PLCs, 1 to 1, 504s, exit slips, AYP, ACT, DI, NCA, and those are just the ones fresh in my mind.

Though teachers may not be physically at school, their education does not end at summer break. Just ask our children.IMG_6930.JPG


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