A New Year and Changes

A New Year and Changes

Recently I learned a new to me term in Education, Pastoral Care.





My goal this year is to focus on the well being of each student. Are they safe each night? Hungry? Did he get enough sleep? Does she have the medical help she needs? What are his interests? Who are her friends? And most importantly, what can I do to help?!

Students who feel valued and respected at school will perform better and are more likely to buy into what the school is doing. The last few weeks I worked around my room trying for a less “in your face” education feel and a more “safe” place. Floor lamps, pictures, and group seating are a few examples. I want students to know that mistakes are okay, we will all learn from each other, learning happens all around us, and that we can trust each other. Mostly, that I care. Nurture their minds through nurturing their well being.

It’s easy to get bogged down by content expectations, mandated curriculum, and state testing that we lose focus on the individuals. The being behind the name and face. My mottos for this year:
I hope for the same caring, nurturing learning spaces for these three.

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  1. As usual another fantastic blog. Thanks so much for all the caring you have for these students that come into your classroom. How very blessed they are to have you as their teacher, friend & advocate. Thanks. Chic

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