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In the Beginning

Back 18 years ago, a new school year was met with enthusiasm. New year met new ideas, fresh faces, and fun ideas to share. Then the lull sets in, the 10 year slump. Partly due to a growing family at home, partly fueled by a loss of teacher respect from multi levels, I hit a wall. Rolling into the brrr months I’d find my groove again and sail briskly to the end. I could mark another successful year in the books. But the passion was subdued.

And then there is now. I feel like a fresh, hot off the presses student teacher! Ideas running through my head faster than an ant on blacktop in 100 degree heat. My colleague and I run back and forth to the others room saying “have you done this”, “how does this sound” or mostly “look at what my class did today”!! I burn through planning and lunch creating, adapting, and laying the foundation for the next aha moment. Outside the classroom I’m constantly learning from my PLN, Professional Learning Community, and helping to gather a local community of learners to discuss all things education.

And the students are riding my wave. Digging the changes. Following my “it’s okay to explore and question” path. The accomplishments in 2 weeks by all have left a grin so wide, I can’t help spreading the news of what’s happening in room 629.

I’m a new teacher. A fresh from college, the college of new ideas, teacher. And it’s exciting.


IMG_7282.JPGI’m as excited as this kid each morning!!


IMG_6316.JPGI love reconnecting with former students and hearing about how much they appreciated our time together!


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning”

  1. Fantastic. That’s what makes you such a special teacher. Keep up the learning & drawing in of others to do the same. You are tops in my book.

    Love, Chic

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