Writer’s Notebook – Student Samples


With student permission, I am sharing some wonderful student writing samples. I am a special education resource room teacher. The students I service have a variety of needs; learning disabled, emotional impairments, Autism Spectrum, hearing impairments, and several other social/emotional needs. Reading and writing skills range from 3rd grade levels to high school levels. Each day we face challenges. School and academics are often the smallest challenges these students experience.

*Permission was granted to share these pieces.

Sample #1 – The assignment was to write a plan for the future. This student rarely participates in class discussions. He is thoughtful, quiet, and as a writer, has always struggled to his ideas out. Together, we have spent 3 years getting to know each other and while I knew about the love for gaming, I never knew about his desire to sing. Through our new 1:1 devices, Evernote, and sharing his writing, he is stepping out of his comfort zone.  This piece represents a new beginning.

My video game skills are forever because I enjoy them. I have a second passion, my singing. I still have the problem of singing to someone else and memorizing the songs when I sing. I also have the problem of competition and my frustration. Competition can bother me since I can get frustrated and forget since I want to win. It’s like a champion who wants to keep his/her title and make mistakes that ultimately lose that same title. But now, since I don’t have to compete in singing or video gaming, my problem won’t show.

I listen to Minecraft songs and most of the time I feel the urge to sing along to that song. I also notice that people find it annoying at times since they get headaches from listening to me. I believe that I do have that trouble of listening to people when the volume is at max. I hope for the best that my voice is put for the better instead of for the worst.

My video game skills are at my best which is normally easy. I want to find a nearby video game competition so I can enter it. Of course, there’s the whole being competitive and losing every time thing. In fact, I have never entered a competition of sorts. I only play with my friends when possible. If not, then I just play solo and it gets lonely at that point.

My dream job is simple enough on my end, Video Game Tester. All I have to do is to test certain levels and see the glitches/bugs that can effect the game play in some sort of way. I would then write down the glitches/bugs so I can add that to my e-mail message and send it to the producers. They soon correct those mistakes so the game will be ready for the release date.

These are my passions and a reason to plan for the future. My plans are to take art and math classes in college to understand more about the business I’m about to enter into in the future. I hope to enjoy this type of job that I have a passion for.

#2 – Write a poem about an artifact important to you or your family. A quiet student, who is an amazing artist, wrote this piece.  She is multi-talented and I hope, she’ll spread her wings and continue to write and create.

The Drumstick
From the shop of his school,

He uses it for his dreams.
Made from iron and love,
He uses it as a tool
To produce the metal he loves.

He hands it to me
To fulfill his destiny.
For a dream that couldn’t happen,
I must repair it damages.
I shall pound against the drums.

I will make his dream come true,
For this is my drumstick.

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