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The Short End

Why does length really matter? Short, long, medium, bald…why not embrace each? Hair that is.

As I get older, my hair is getting shorter. Not thinner, but fuller. A pixie cut can take 15 minutes to dry and that’s with a blower! Our family mornings are a loosely oiled machine. Up, dressed, eat, packed up, and out the door in less than 40 minutes. I want my hair time done in 5. Any longer and someone might not get fed.

Often women comment on my short hair and say they wish the could go shorter, but husband/lover loves long hair. Shouldn’t it be what you want?! In our 15 years together, my husband has supported every hair style. Super short to flowing long and everything in between, I am still me and he loves me at any length.

Our Miss E is becoming increasingly independent in the hair department. She doesn’t like her hair long enough to get in her mouth and is not fond of parental hair brushing. Her own solution? Shorter hair. After perusing little girl hair styles on Pinterest, she favorited a short pixie cut. In her brief six years, this is the shortest it’s been since birth. And she loves it! Her sassy personality, curious eyes, and precious smile shine through.

A friend recently commented that she won’t cut her daughter’s waist length hair because it’s the long hair of her dreams. Mama’s dreams by the way. Admittedly she stated that styling and brushing before school can take 1/2 an hour and a few buckets of tears. Another mother stated that she wants her daughter to be a girly girl. Is my dress obsessive, pixie cut daughter less a girl? No.

Miss E gets a lot if wonderful compliments on her hair from the elder population. Little gray hair ladies stop and say how pretty her cut is and how growing up in the depression through 50s, shorter hair was a staple. This generation or two seems to get it.

E may change her mind in a year and I’m okay with that. She’s learning and developing her own identity. Last year M, 7 at the time, wanted a shaggy do. It lasted several months and I think the brushing department was the cause for its end. Whatever the reason, he tried it out and decided it was not him.

Independence one cut at a time.
. IMG_2355.JPG





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