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Bum Dinger

Last night, I learned an important lesson. The lesson is about quarter size with veins of life reaching out. It did not hurt, in fact my ego hurts more than the mark. Our kids were quick to soothe my pain and frustration. “It’s only a tiny mark mama.” “No one will see it,” said another. My van has a new boo boo.

In my rush to run to the store for moisturizer, I backed into my husband’s van. The good news? His 15 year old, rusty edged van sustained neither a scratch nor bruise. The van’s much younger sibling unfortunately has a new bumper now sporting a circular dent and matching crack marks. To my defense, the kids and dogs were involved in a Star Wars galactic battle of epic proportion. I was avoiding the storm troopers and instead ran into the evil Vader. Also, the golden age van was parked in different section of our crescent drive. Clearly the error was only partially my fault. After all, I was attempting to avoid hitting live bodies.

Lesson learned – Moisturizer can not cover up or fix acts of rushed decisions and poor excuses.

Life, please slow down. Remind me to breathe.


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