The Sound of Silence

A thousand tiny leaves silently waving hello. Watching the birds gently flapping to and fro. Feeling the cool water filling my ears. My body is hovering. Or is it? I stare at the yellow beach ball in the high afternoon sky. I hear. Nothing.

My favorite pool activity is floating. Not on a raft, or tube, or noodle. Just an unhindered back skimming the surface of the blue cool. Once I lean back and my ears begin the slow fill of water, sound leaves. I’m left in silence. It is then that I truly hear and more thoroughly see. All my thoughts inside, observe more intricately the sights above, and enter my own world.

So next time I’m seen gliding across a watery surface, don’t be alarmed. I’ve entered Julie world for a bit.*photo not mine*dissolve photo stock*


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