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Best Ever Wings in Mears, MI

Our family loves smokey BBQ goodness. Who knew that we would find some of the best smoked wings in Mears, aka Silver Lake?! The Frickin Chicken Shack left us all devising a plan to skip camp meals and return. Often.

The 5 of us plus my two nieces polished off a small chicken farm. I failed to get a picture of the wing slaughter due to major chicken lickin fingers.

Fall off the bone. Perfect mild seasoning. Slight smokey taste. No need for sauce. Delicious. But if you are the saucey type, the selection is impressive. The table favorite was bourbon sauce.

Please stop in, you will not be disappointed and do get 24 to go for us.


Loading up the jeep sized smoker. He would not give up the seasoning’s secrets. Bummer.

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Momma’s BBQ, South Haven

We pass this little BBQ Airstream every South Haven trip, it wasn’t until today that we followed our nose in. On the corner of Blue Star Highway and Phoenix Street, the trailer/smoker is located next to a great produce stand with outside seating. From the stand we added local strawberries to our picnic. The stand also sold a good selection of Michigan beers.

A friendly recent, Allegan grad greeted us and we knew we made a great stop. The prices were decent, the smells heavenly, and I fell in love with the Airstream turned functional take out kitchen. Rib tips and smoked chicken are popular. In fact we snagged the last chicken and it was only 12:15. The usual sides of slaw, beans, and corn on the cob were available. We opted for 1/2 a chicken, two pulled pork sandwiches, and two corns. $17.00 with a can of pop.

Missing are the delicious, mouthwatering food pictures. Apparently my love for pulled pork has passed on to the kids. All I had was a 1/2 of ear corn and 1/3 of a sandwich that was nibbled on by the youngest. The husband did share one small pull of his chicken. Thank goodness we had the strawberries. I ate a few handfuls before the kids finished them off. The sauce was mild and did not over take the smoked meat. The chicken was the charmer! It had a pleasant smoke taste and was not over powered by the sauce. The corn was bland, missing smoke, butter, and salt. The meat though made up for it! By the time I remembered to take pictures, all was left were a few BBQ stained wet wiped and a few full bellies.




We will not be passing up this place again. It was a great stop for our trip to the children’s park! So glad we picked BBQ over ice cream.

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City Vu in Holland

A much needed date night. A beautiful Fall drive. Some adult conversation and beverages. All the makings for a wonderful time.

A top the modern City Flats Hotel in Holland is the City Vu Bistro. And a lovely view it is! Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by the food choices and missed the outdoor photo op.

Many reviews comment on the amazing flatbreads. The flatbreads smelled and looked delish, but wanting to not fill up on bread, we opted for four small plates. Two items, the Duck Prosciutto and Mussels, were monthly specials. Being prosciutto crazy, we devoured the duck and all accompaniments; figs, Greek olives, feta, roasted peppers, Granny Smith apple slices, and everything crackers. The crackers were a definite miss step, but each other element allowed for varying flavor bites.

Yummy mussels garbanzo beans, check!

Seared tuna and flaw, delightful!

Barbecue braised short ribs with cabbage and carrots, yes please!

When return, we will sample the flat breads too.

Another date night down for these foodies. I cannot wait for next months night out! Where will our palettes take us?

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North Star Bakery

When traveling the winding 123 North to Paradise, Michigan, you will pass a small family owned bakery, North Star Bakery. You MUST stop! All the bread is made from an 15 year old starter and baked in a brick oven. Did I mention it is in the middle of nowhere?! Only open in the summer months, the owners bake up quite a delicious variety of breads and flat breads with local ingredients. M gave the blueberry bread 1000 thumbs up. Accompanying our chili, we devoured a loaf of blue cheese bread. Smell-o-computers would leave you drooling. Please stop by next time you head to Paradise, Tahquamenon, or Whitefish Point. You can thank me later. Nine years ago, we stopped by here and enjoyed a mouthwatering onion tomato flat bread. So thankful that this little bakery is still around!






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Muldoon Pasties

Labeled the best pasties in the UP and praised by the Shipwreck tour crew, we stopped in for a quick snack at Mudldoon’s Pasties in Munising. Our snack turned into a mini meal as E and M devoured two pasties with gravy. Being traditionalists, we devoured beef pasties (rhymes with nasty). Also available are chicken and veggie. M the family mini-foodie gave it 2 thumbs up.



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My home away from home, my magical place. Where? Pentwater. The vacation each year where I look forward to for its simplicity. The place where I can always count on to find a little piece of myself. It’s as much learning and sharing as finding myself over the years. The dunes hold a lot of memories. I am happy to share and bring my family here. They now are beginning their own memories. Before kids, I traveled with my niece and that time was our time. Together we explored dunes, watched sunsets fade into night, got our tan on, and shopped Pentwater. We were/are really good at that. Pentwater has many wonderful shops and restaurants. Next year my buddy will be 12 hours away, so it’s time my daughter learns to love Pentwater shopping too. Our young family marks summer break by the arrival of this trip. Almost 30 summers for me and still going strong. Small town lovin’!

Cenzo’s – Speciality meat, cheese, wine, and produce. Perfect for a fellow foodie!




Pentwater Pizza & Grinders – Good, fast , inexpensive


Brown Bear – Good bar burgers, expect a wait.