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Knock, knock…no answer

This morning, while my husband took the kiddos swimming, I decided to pack up at the hotel and take a long lingering shower. While toweling off, I heard a little scratching noise. Still in just my towel, I looked around to find the source of the sound. Again, this little scratching noise. Upon going to the door to peer out, thinking the kids were returning, the maid was coming in. Luckily I put my foot against the already cracked door. We still had 4 hours until check out! How uncomfortable if I was still showering and unable to brace the door in time!

How could this happen? Hearing. Without my aids, the sound of the bathroom fan, and let’s not forget the tinnitus, I am deaf. So knock away maid, I could not hear you. Maybe hotel rooms should install flashing lights. Or maybe I should check in as “disabled”. Tough times.