hearing impairment

Epic Failure, part 2

Remember back when I had a hearing test a few months ago? I failed it. Well not really, but having progressive hearing loss feels that way. Yesterday I had a check up. Turns out, I’m a maintaining failure. Yes! Never been so excited to say that. So is that like a F+?

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Hand talker

I have never fancied myself a hand talker. Last weekend, while dining with friends, a waitress approached me wondering if I was attempting to flag her down via sign language. Nope, just animated me. However it caused me to think. I am hearing impaired yet can only fumble my ABC’s. Here was another young, much younger than I, lady with a hearing impairment, without hearing aids, teaching herself lipreading and taking sign language courses. Hmmm. Recently my hearing was reevaluated. Epic failure. Since my Latvian is elementary at best, perhaps my phalanges are better communicators. I do need to take a few graduate classes…and I am losing my hearing…

20130420-194647.jpgM trying his hand at the alphabet.