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Daily I translate.  Sometimes in my brain.  Sometimes via  Sometimes itranslate on my kindle.  Latvian to English.  English to Latvian.  Ten years ago with a dictionary in hand I would get lost in translation.  Now, in mere seconds I can read Latvian School notes, family emails, or send  my husband “low down” emails.  You know, “hey, you got an email from so and so, and he wants to switch dezure (think church Deacon) duties next week”.   Thank you Al Gore for creating the world-wide web.  😉

Today, I found another app.  My son.  As he was perched at the kitchen table, pouring over his Latvian homework, a light bulb went off.  Words came to life and suddenly he was not just reading individual words, but sentences.  The best part?  He got it.  He understood that attending Latvian School was about more than just learning vocab words, knowing simple responses, or mastering the polka 3 step.  Despite the Sunday time crunch, homework struggle, and gas mileage, M reading to the little ones, priceless.

Laba diena!


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