Life is a Jar of Rocks

Some say life is a highway; road that winds through calm, quaint areas leading to roads that blast through mountains and past life moments.

That’s where I’ve been stuck, on this coiling motherhood path.

A much needed teaching position change, an increase in family activities, and well, kids in general.  Life has been like a meat and three plate; exhilarating with sides of exhausting, exciting, and essentially fast.  2 years without a post?!

Reading and writing and cooking, my jar fillers.  Without them, my jar of life rocks, seems full, in reality, it’s just sand and pebbles.  My highway left me focusing on life’s sand and pebbles, both of which are less than stable and non-fulfilling.  My rocks, I need to get back to my rocks.

Some say put your feet in sand to feel better, I’m focusing on becoming a rock collector.



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