What the what

That’s how this mama is feeling. What the what? What is happening? Why are you crying? Are you mad, why? Calm down. Chill out. Take a break. What the what is going on?!

Sometimes that’s me talking to my family, but mostly lately, that’s my self talk. I’m pretty sure I’m losing at life’s game of jumanji and I cannot remember when the game began. Wait, I’m pretty sure that I started sucking at the game like two years ago. Unfortunately now I’m stuck in the jungle and running low on lives.

How does this happen? When I feel like I’m mastering the game in the school world, I’m a shoddy mother and inferior parent and spouse at home. Or when the family is filled with warm fuzzies and life is rosy, at school someone or something is like a lion devouring its final meal, me.

So as I ponder during futsal practice, my nagging brain is stuck in what the what mode.

Is this motherhood?

Just grin and bear it.


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