2 Extra Minutes

I do not know how or really why it happened.  It was a surprise.  Two extra minutes seemed to jump into my morning routine.  Maybe it is the new shorter pixie cut, but I really cannot say for sure.  So I did the usually impossible, put in my contacts.

Those two minutes changed the course of my day.  On the way to school, my 6-year-old said, “You don’t have your glasses on.  I like your eyes.”  Did he really just say that?

At school, several students and a couple of teachers noticed the lack of eyewear.  Get new contacts, they asked?  No, just two extra minutes.  Something is different today…a new sweater?  No, just two extra minutes.  Hey, you have blue-green eyes.  I never knew, one commented.  Yes, two extra minutes can change the way we see things.

My two extra minutes this morning helped me gain more than two minutes worth of praise, compliments, and interactions.

What a difference two minutes made.  What can I do with 2 extra minutes tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “2 Extra Minutes”

  1. Today, I pushed myself so I had 5 extra minutes. Yep, that meant contacts AND dance time with daughter E. Yes! Maybe I can find a 5 minute workout routine to squeeze in. 🙂

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